Piano Notes – Issue 26

Bruce Browning

Spring 2017

Welcome to the twenty-sixth issue of “Piano Notes”. We are pleased to announce an additional service which should make it easier to confirm your tuning appointment booking. We will be sending out email reminders prior to ‘phoning you for your appointment. This way you have time to check your diary ahead of our call.

Please provide us with an email address. Browse our website for further information, special offers, and new information on our company.


Your Brain….and the Piano!

Playing the piano activates the brain in ways no game, gadget, instrument or tool can.

It’s the total brain workout.

EYES-Sight reading involves two lines of music, each on a different clef.

TWO HANDS-Both hands often play intricate rhythms independently.

10 FINGERS-Very few, if any, instruments require the use of all ten fingers.

EARS-Pianists listen to notes being played and adjust their playing accordingly.

2 FEET-Left foot operate the Una Corda and right foot operates the Sustain pedal.

KEEPING TIME-By synthesising and synchronising all sensory and motor activities, your brain is able to subdivide the beat in a myriad of ways.

SPATIAL-Knowing where all the notes are without looking at the keys.

PROPRIOCEPTION-Being aware of the relative position of parts of the body and strength of effort employed.

SENSE OF TOUCH- Determine how much force is needed to depress keys and pedals.

ARTISTIC INTERPRETATION-Emotions capturing mood, style and tempo using performance techniques such as dynamics, articulation, rhythm and expressive timing.


Major repairs and free quote

Bruce Browning – The Piano Tuner is experienced in all sorts of tuning, repair, major restoration and player piano restoration situations. We offer a free, no obligation, 3-month fixed price quote.


Quarterly Specials

Pianos- A range of new/pre-loved pianos now available. Fully checked in our workshop, warranted for 5 years, and include a free tuning. YAMAHA PIANOS –U1 & U3, in ebony only. Ranging from $4400- to $6500-.

Piano Benches- single, adjustable with padded seat. Available in Ebony or Walnut. A small number available for  just $220-  *Delivery when next in your area, or extra charge. Not available Tasmania.


Guitar Maintenance

We are now offering a service to schools for Bulk Re-stringing and repairs of Guitars. All types and a mixed batch can be accommodated. Quality Strings, cleaning and a FREE Pick included with each re-stringing.     Prices:        With piano tuning, minimum 4 instruments, excl. GST. Acoustic  $15-,  Electric $16-,  Bass Electric $25- Without piano tuning, minimum 4 instruments, excl. GST. Acoustic $20-, Electric $21-, Bass Electric $30- Regular, neat re-stringing can make all the difference to stability and durability of tuning.


Help Us to Help You

Become a REFEREE, and get a further bonus discount of 40%.

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